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China and Mr. Trump skirmish

No, there is no Cold War, and there are no signs that a new Cold War may break out. None of America’s allies, not even one as desperate as Johnson, believes that China is a threat grave enough to justify a 40-years of economical, political, or military confrontation.

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The skirmishes that have been going on for two, three years between China and the Trump administration, or rather, Mr. Trump, will cease when a new POTUS is elected.

China is in no hurry, it has the means and plans to deal with the next four years, indeed, since the policy put in place by Mr. Trump is detrimental to the US ecosystem, for China in strategic terms it has an advantage in the medium term.
Who better than the Chinese to exploit their opponent’s tactical weaknesses?

Gwynne Dyer’s article highlights the handling of the Huawei case and Pompeo’s action in London that will eventually lead to decisions that will be taken post-November 2020.

I support the idea that inexperienced politicians are detrimental to the nation they govern. Who would hire an Executive Finance Director with no titles or experience?

Is it enough to be able to win votes with promises and promotional artifacts (populism) to be able to set, guide, and get policies that make the Nation grow?

No, just not.

The list of examples would be useless, common sense is enough to understand the inconsistency.
And, Mr. Trump and his war against Huawei and anything Made in China is the latest example.

The article of Mr. Gwynne Dyer

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