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We are experienced and knowledgeable of Chinese market dynamics. Our M&A advisory team, based in China, Emirates, and Europe is composed of Chinese and international professionals who combine finance, investment banking experience with industry expertise in the sectors where we are active. With dozens of clients and projects per year, our primary focus is the profitable success of the project.

Technology Transfer - Mergers and
Acquisitions (M&A)

Technology transfer and Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) advisory services. We provide advice on a broad range of transactions including, divestitures and other restructurings. We receive mandate from Chinese investors to scouting counterparts willing to sale or licensing technology, manufacturing companies or shares.

Our M&A advisory team – based in China and Europe is composed of Chinese and international professionals who combine finance, investment banking experience with industry expertise in the sectors where we are active.

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  • Licensing/Technology Transfer.
  • Acquiring a company Selling or divesting a company, business, or subsidiary.
  • Machinery, Industrial equipment.
  • Industrial Engineering and Technology.
  • Automation, Antropomorfic machines.
  • Electronics and Electrical Equipment.
  • Domotics.
  • Automotive, Motorcycles and Parts.
  • Other Transport Equipment.
  • Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning (HVAC)


We can offer you a complete M&A service starting from scouting all the way to Post-M&A:
  • Screening and identifying potential targets for clients according to their strategy
  • Initial approach and identification of communication channels
  • Administrative due diligence
    Commercial and technical due diligence
  • Legal and financial due diligence
  • Final evaluation and negotiations plan
  • Integration planning
We tailor-made quality services to overseas and Chinese clients investing in China or abroad, including assessment of investment environments, feasibility study of investment projects, due diligence, business incorporation and follow-up support:
  • Acquisition Search
  • Assessment &
  • Valuations
  • Due Diligence
  • Negotiation & Integration
  • Divestment
From the inception of the idea/project, to the development up to the definition of location. The identification of operational and investment strategies of the operating-productive structures, the dynamics and flows of the processes until the start of operations.

Typical elements of intervention that often arise:

  1. Choice of location? near the ports of developed areas or in the north or north-west? Big difference and in the medium-long term strategy, considering this choice is vital for lasting success.
  2. The choice of production lines? Advanced and automated technology against low technology and labor-intensive?
  3. High-tech and imported systems or plants available locally?
  4. The quality chain is labor intensive or the flow is error proof?
We transform market information into strategy and action. Our team works to develop a holistic understanding of the challenges customers are facing. Based on our industry insight we ensure our advice takes the customer to achieve results that last.
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Invest in China

China has emerged as a real world player in global M&A markets in the past few years. Never-less there are signs showing improvement in the process for IP protection, cross border mergers and acquisitions, China still poses a number of challenges, even for those experienced executives in overseas acquisitions. While the process for conducting cross-border M&A in China is similar to elsewhere, China’s very different commercial, regulatory and cultural environment adds complexity at each stage of the M&A or Investment process. Some time the ownership of assets is not cristal clear and there may be a conflict of interest among stakeholders. We will provide the necessary information and intelligence, whether you have already a plan to enter China, or plan about it to go there to explore the market potential.

We provide advisory and consulting services to help International companies, SME as well as Investment, Venture Capital and Private Equity firms locate and acquire Chinese private middle-market businesses that match specific acquisition objectives. We provide the same for Chinese companies expanding abroad.

Our M&A team will take you through the complex M&A process in China, and help you cast the right decisions in a less transparent deal environment. With our support your acquisition process will be clear and concluded smoothly. We will support you with the integration process after the acquisition.

We will offer you a complete service starting from scouting all the way to concrete results.

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With over 20 years of involvement in cross-border M&A, private equity, project finance, leveraged finance, and capital markets transactions across Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and North America, we can assist companies in sourcing investors and financing to sustain their growth, or we help them find an exit from an investment.


Established in 1985, DM2 designs and builds new machine tools with patented rotating vices able to meet the new market needs. In 2005, the design and construction of the TRANSFLEX began, an extremely flexible 5-axis machine tool equipped with rotating vices and three machining centers with 90 tools that allows you to machine complex parts on 6 faces: a mix between a machining center and transfer, one of a kind. DM2 has been ISO 9001: 2000 certified since January 2006 and ISO 9001: 2008 certified since January 2010.


Testing & Inspection. TTR Institute is an independent and consolidated company whose core business is laboratory testing with particular specialization in plastics and metal materials. Company goal is to meet customer’s requirements in this very specialized market.

TTR Institute carries out product inspections internationally, according to technical specifications.. Testing and Inspection services are provided as support within the market, for companies manufacturing products and materials in contact with drinking water and for gas use